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Commonly Asked Questions About Cooking With Blackcurrants

Are British blackcurrants sold in supermarkets?

British Blackcurrants are sold fresh and frozen, as well as in juices, jams, yogurts and smoothies, in supermarkets and local shops. The Blackcurrant Foundation would like more of the produce available in supermarkets to be homegrown, rather than imported.

What times of year are British blackcurrants in season?

Freshly picked British blackcurrants are available between July and August.

Can blackcurrants be frozen? If so, do they retain the same nutritional properties once frozen?

Generally speaking, blackcurrants freeze pretty well. If you are growing blackcurrants yourself or buying them fresh, it is certainly advisable to freeze them as, just like any other fruit, prolonged storage at room temperature leads to a progressive loss of nutrient, especially of vitamin C.

Can British blackcurrants be eaten raw in the same way as other soft fruits?

Yes, British blackcurrants can be eaten raw, just like blueberries, although some people will find them a little tart on their own. A light sprinkle of natural brown sugar helps those with a sweeter palate to enjoy their full flavour straight from the fruit bowl. Blackcurrants are also delicious in desserts and juices.