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Wind Cheater

The ideal drink to sip if you're feeling nauseous or have excess wind. Fennel is the ingredient in baby's gripe water that relieves flatulence. It is thought that the high level of anthocyanins and phenolic acids in blackcurrant also help to inhibit the bacterial activity of Salmonella and E. coli, and enhance the activity of friendly Lactobacilli. So this drink is perfect if you’re getting back on your feet after a bout of food poisoning or a tummy bug.

Preparation time: 
10 mins
  • 30g Fresh of Thawed blackcurrants
  • 180ml chilled fennel "tea" (made with 200ml hot water and 2 tsp fennel seeds, brewed for 10 minutes and then sieved)
  • 2 tsp sugar
  1. Press the blackcurrants through a sieve, discarding the pulp that's left behind.
  2. Stir the blackcurrant juice you have made into the fennel tea, and add the sugar.