Dash Water: A sparkling journey to reducing food waste

Apr 24, 2020

Here at the Blackcurrant Foundation, sustainability is at the heart of what we do. As a collection of growers, our aim is to leave the land as we found it by using a range of methods to sustainably grow our crop of over 13,000 blackcurrants every year, minimising waste along the way. With Stop Food Waste Day 2020 just around the corner, there is no better time to highlight some great work from a like-minded brand who use “wonky” blackcurrants to make some of their amazing products. Say hello to long-time friends Alex and Jack, co-founders of Dash Water. 

To date, Alex, Jack and their team at Dash Water have saved over 546,000kg of fruit and vegetables from going to waste by using less than perfect fresh produce to create a range of delicious infused sparkling waters.  

Around three years ago, one of our growers harvested 100 tonnes of blackcurrants – that’s a whopping four artic lorry loads! Unfortunately some of the berries did not meet the standard required by their buyer which meant part of the produce was surplus. Thanks to Dash Water, the surplus produce was put to good use…  

Both Alex and Jack come from farming backgrounds, where they had witnessed first-hand up to 40% of fresh produce grown in the UK go to waste. For a short while, the pair also worked in the soft drinks industry, where they spotted a significant trend in consumers looking to cut down their sugar intake. It was these factors, combined with their daily ritual of concocting their own fruit-infused water that sparked an idea which would change multiple industries for the better. With that, Alex and Jack set out on their mission to encourage people to drink more water and to stop wasting perfectly imperfect fruit and vegetables.   

It took the creative duo nearly two years to bring their concept to market. Their research was conducted by setting up a table in parks around London and encouraging passers-by to taste their infused creations. After receiving helpful feedback they knew there was space in the market for a sugar free soft drink that was tastier than water, and their home-brewed drinks with no artificial sweeteners or additives would be the answer. The feedback was the confidence boost they needed to get their show on the road and the pair were grateful to have funds from a team of extremely supportive investors to help them do so.   

Since launching their sparkling and fruit-infused waters, the range has increased from two flavours to five, including blackcurrant, which uses surplus blackcurrants from our grower, Jo Hilditch, in Herefordshire. You can find out more about the blackcurrants Dash Water use in this video. Other flavours include cucumber, raspberry, lemon and the latest addition, peach. All their drinks are packed into aluminum cans or glass bottles, never plastic – a great choice supported by us here at The Blackcurrant Foundation!  

Have you tried Dash Water yet? If not, now is the perfect time. The drinks are available to buy from their online shop or from Sainsbury’s, Boots and Selfridges. To see a full list of stockists, visit their website.  

Stop Food Waste Day takes place on Wednesday 29th March 2020. If you are looking to support this campaign by reducing waste in your own home and day-to-day life you can find some tips, tricks and great recipes on the Stop Food Waste Day website.






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