The Mighty Blackcurrant

Aug 1, 2020



Rosie’s Diary: Part 5

Now this year's harvest has passed and I’ve had time to enjoy some of my delicious blackcurrants, it’s time to turn my full-attention back to my mission to grow sustainably.  I’m very pleased to share the news that the recent application for my farm to proceed into a...

Bush to Bottle: The Big Journey of the Small Blackcurrant

  Did you know 90% of the UK’s blackcurrant crop is used to make Ribena? All blackcurrants are grown for their unique properties ranging from taste to climate resilience. It takes three years from planting a cutting until the blackcurrant bush is ready for its...

Rosie’s Diary: Part 4

Now my harvest is complete, I almost have time to start thinking about what I’ll be doing with this year’s blackcurrants aside from using them as a fantastic way to help stay fit and well!  Blackcurrants are one of the best immune-system boosting fruits out there, so...