25 years of Yeo Valley Organic

Jul 9, 2020

Nestled between Chew Valley and the Mendips in Somerset lies the Yeo Valley, home to the Mead Family. Having settled at Holt Farm, Yeo Valley, over 50 years ago, their farming roots date back much further. For 500 years the Meads have farmed in glorious Somerset – so when it comes to all things dairy, this family means business!  

Like us here at The Blackcurrant Foundation, Yeo Valley work hard at their wildlife conservation. As they grow their own crops to feed their cows, they need birds and small animals to eat the bugs that could harm the crops, just like we do. It’s therefore important to create a wildlife haven for the right insects, beasties and feathered friends to thrive in. To this end, the Mead family has dedicated 25 acres of farmland to giving homes to wild species like field mice, voles and skylarks. They also leave extra-wide margins around all of their fields so their resident barn owls can happily hunt for their supper. Along with growing fields of soil-enriching clover and planting new trees and hedgerows, it’s clear to see that Yeo Valley Organic certainly shares our vision in protecting the landscape for generations to come.

Championing British Farming is also extremely important to Yeo Valley. One of the key actions Yeo Valley Organic have taken to support their fellow organic farmers was by helping them to form OMSCO (the Organic Milk Suppliers Co-operative), where the farmers jointly own the business that collects, sells and sometimes processes the milk. 

Last year saw the successful family-run business celebrate 25 years of providing us with delicious, organic goodness! Producing up to 1 million pots of yoghurt a day, this family certainly knows how to keep the fridges across the nation well stocked. 

Right now, we all know there’s no better time to kick-start the day with a great breakfast, and eating more yoghurt is proven to support good gut health, which is crucial in maintaining a healthy immune system. So when your breakfast is topped with a combination of creamy yoghurt and nutritious blackcurrants, what’s not to be happy about? 

Take a look at their full range of products including milk, cheese, butter, cream and compote over on their website here. Available to purchase from a supermarket near you.



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